wrap VERB (wrapped, wrapping) 1) cover or enclose in paper or soft material. 2) arrange (paper or soft material) round something. 3) encircle or wind round: he wrapped an arm around her waist. 4) Computing cause (a word or unit of text) to be carried over to a new line automatically. 5) informal finish filming or recording.
NOUN 1) a loose outer garment or piece of material. 2) paper or material used for wrapping. 3) informal the end of a session of filming or recording. 4) Brit. informal a small packet of a powdered illegal drug. 5) a tortilla wrapped around a cold filling, eaten as a sandwich.
under wraps — Cf. ↑under wraps
wrap up — Cf. ↑wrap up
DERIVATIVES wrapping noun.
ORIGIN of unknown origin.

English terms dictionary. 2015.

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